Purchase and Return Policy

Because of the expense and importance of your purchase, we have a few policies in place to assure there are no misunderstandings before you buy. This is a brief summary of our Purchase and Return Policy. When the time comes for you to actually make a purchase, we encourage you to read the Complete Purchase Terms and Conditions page.

Purchase Policy

    At Check Out, you can pay full price, or 50% of the purchase price before we will order your dress (only for bridal gowns). This is a deposit that the manufacturer requires before they will agree to make your dress. The dress will be shipped to us, inspected for quality and measurement, then repackaged for shipment to you. We will inform you when your dress has arrived, at which time you will need to pay the remaining 50% of your purchase price. Upon receipt of this amount, we will then ship your dress to you. If your particular manufacturer requires an extensive set of measurements, we strongly recommend you seek a professional tailor to take those measurements for you. Please contact us to manage partial payment method. (only for bridal gowns)

We are accepting the payment via PayPall.


Return Policy


All of us at My Wedding Gown believe, above all else, that customer satisfaction is paramount. Because of this, we offer a 100% guaranteed refund policy. If, after receiving your dress, you decide that it isn't the most wonderful dress you have every owned or it just doesn't look the way you had imagined or any other reason, we will give you a full refund. It's that simple. Just return it within 5 business days from the date you received it in the same condition and you will be given all of your money back. No strings attached. You may be skeptical or find this policy hard to believe, but we are so confident that you will love your one of a kind, handmade, superior crafted, dream-of-a-dress, that you will not want to part with it.