Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are all of your dresses custom-made?

Some manufacturers do accept orders made to a set of custom measurements that you provide, while others only offer regular sizes, in which case you would have to take the dress to a seamstress for custom alterations. In any case, we would still need a full set of your measurements to be sure that the European size coincides to your American size. All our factories that offer custom made dresses will get as close as possible to your size, but to be safe leave a little room for alterations, if necessary.

2) Which dress manufacturers offer custom-ordered dresses?

Anna Sposa........yes
Ricca Sposa........yes
La Petra...............yes

3) Do your dresses come in plus sizes?

Some dresses can be made in plus sizes but not all of them. Check with us first if you need a plus size.

4) How long does it take for me to receive my dress after I order it?

We give a time frame of 6-12 weeks upon receipt of your order and deposit. The vast majority of the time it takes 5-6 weeks, and there are times when this can be as short as 4 weeks, but there is no guarantee.

5) Do you accept rush order requests?

No, we're sorry, but our factories make dresses for salons all over Europe. None of them can provide that accommodation for their customers due to the nature of their business.

6) What is the price range for each of your collections?

Pentelei..................$800 - $2000
Anna Sposa.........$1100 - $2000
Ricca Sposa.........$1250 - $2500
La Petra...............$1200 - $2200

7) What guarantee do I have that your dresses are not some cheap knock-offs made in some mass-production Asian factory?

We can send you a link to the website of any wedding dress factory we represent. You can see the actual dress you ordered on their site. Some factory sites have maps that show the location of their European distributors too. We are the first American distributor of these amazing dresses. And when you receive your dress, you will not have any doubts that the stitching and quality of fabric is far superior to any dress mass-produced in Asia.

8) How does this "fitting room" idea work?

We try to simulate the same experience you would have if you were to visit an actual wedding dress salon. There, you would take your select of dresses to a "fitting room" to try on and think about. On our site, the Fitting Room is designed for you to collect your favorite dresses, then save them for future reflection or perhaps show or email to family and friends until you par it down to the best dress for you. You then select "Checkout" to finalize your purchase.

9) What kind of measurements do I need to take for my dress?

We have a Measurement Page for you fill out and send to us. For custom-made dresses, you need to be sure all your measurements are entirely accurate. We strongly recommend you seek out a professional tailor to take these measurements.

10) Do I need to pay in full for my dress when I order it, or can I just make a down payment?

You only need to pay 50% of the full purchase price when you order. This is a non-refundable deposit. We will then order your dress from the manufacturer for them to start to work on your dress. When we receive it, we will check it thoroughly to be sure that it meets your specifications. We will then contact you, at which time you will send the remaining 50%. Upon receipt of your final payment, we will then ship your dress to you.

11) Do you have a payment plan if I cannot afford to pay you in full?

We do not have a formal payment plan for customers. If after you pay the first 50%, we will then order your dress. After your dress arrives to us, we will keep it until we receive the remaining 50% payment. We can store your dress for up to 3 months if you like until you are able to acquire the necessary funds to make your final payment.

12) If after I receive my dress and find out it doesn't fit, can I return it?

We are offering a full refund. Please read our Complete Return Policy for more details about returns.

13) I received my dress and it was made to all my specifications, but something unexpected happens, like my wedding is canceled for instance. Can I return my dress then?

Under such circumstances we can consider to issue a full refund under condition described  in our Purchase and Return policy.

14) If I want to buy more than one dress, such as a wedding dress and a few flower girl dresses, will you give me a discount?

Yes, a 10% discount is given for multiple purchases. You will pay full price for the first item (most expensive item) and then have a 10% discount on each additional item.

15) What are your shipping rates?

Standard shipping rate for USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days for domestic shipping), USPS international.