Should You Buy a Wedding Dress Online?

Should You Buy a Wedding Dress Online?

It’s your dream of a life time to shop in your local bridal boutique for the just the perfect dress, perhaps sip some champagne and try on what appears to be a beautiful, exquisitely made designer wedding dresses.
But for a lot of brides the mere idea of dropping thousands of dollars on a dream dress is completely unacceptable. It is always good to have some options.
Here are some tips to help you make sure your online dress buying experience doesn’t end up an unforgivable disappointment:

Send accurate measurements


Ideally, you don’t want to be ordering your dress off a simple size guide. The best-case scenario is finding an online store where you will be asked for your measurements, and then they will make a gown to fit you. Many online stores offering custom tailoring options for your wedding dress, or sometimes they just need to make a conversion to the metric size chart.
Ask which measurements they need (each brand has their own chart) and perhaps have a professional tailor help you. Then check and double-check your measurements to make sure you’ve got them right. We know, nobody really likes to measure themselves, but this is not the time for bending the truth. Don’t stand there sucking in your tummy or wearing a padded bra. You want the dress to be comfortable, and it needs to fit if it’s going to look great on you. So be honest about your size.

Don’t ignore your usual style


You might be in love with a certain wedding dress trend, but just because it’s a wedding gown doesn’t mean you should ignore your body shape or deviate from your usual style. Have a look inside your wardrobe and pull out some of your favorite pieces. What do they have in common in terms of fabric, shape, color and length?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions


There should be a very open dialogue between you and the place you’re buying your dress from, especially if you’re designing something custom. Don’t ever feel like you’re asking too many questions or annoying your designer. Good communication will lead to the best dress for you, and it will mean there are no nasty surprises when it arrives. There are no stupid questions. You’ve probably never ordered a wedding dress before especially online, so you need all the facts. If the person on the other end of the phone or email makes you feel like you’re being a pest, then quite frankly they don’t deserve your business.
Many online wedding dress salons offer generous refunds so your purchase is nearly risk free. It is a big purchase we know, but then again it only happens once in a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to check return-refund policy of the store, and better - your shipper is located in the same country.

Leave plenty of time for delivery


It's the sign of the times - most of us have gotten used to fast deliveries, but when it comes to ordering a wedding dress, this just isn’t going to happen. If your dress is being custom made or shipped from abroad, this is especially important. Check delivery times with the retailer and add on a little extra time too. You won’t to be stressing about it not arriving in time for the wedding.
Keep in mind about international shipping that customs delays do occur, which depends on your home country or the value of the dress. Make sure you include extra time in your plans just in case this happens. It takes approximately 6 to 12 weeks to receive the dress from most online stores. But on the other hand, it takes about 3 to 6 months when ordering your dress from a local bridal boutique. So from a certain perspective you could say shopping online does give you fast delivery!

Save some budget for alternations


By sending over your professional, detailed, accurate measurements, you should avoid alterations, but there is no guarantee. Everyone one on this planet is completely unique, so it's only prudent to be ready to have your dress altered, if necessary, to fit you. No matter how big or small your budget is, it’s really worthwhile having some money set aside money for incidentals, or just in case the dress not quite perfect when it arrives and needs your input.

Think about matching accessories


Some sites are offering matching accessories with your wedding dress, such as bridal veils, bridal jackets, garters, etc. Be sure to ask if this service is an option. It is very likely you might save money by buying a second piece with a big discount from the same seller. The fabric and style will be matching your dress as well.

We can provide you lots of information.


You might read some forums with smart advises or you found yourself listening to your friends with positive or negative attitude and you still might be skittish and nervous to make a decision, but remember your intuition and common sense will always help.
We will continue to write our articles, as we developing an idea to bring the best experience and best results in your way to the Big Day.

“My Wedding Gown” team.